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Jelena de Belder Fund

In herinnering aan Robert en Jelena de Belder werd in 2003 het ‘FONDS Jelena de Belder’ opgericht. Dit fonds biedt financiële ondersteuning aan studenten bij hun vervolmakingstage in Arboretum Kalmthout. Robert and Jelena de Belder

Robert and Jelena de Belder

Robert and Jelena de Belder by emPrunus insisa/em 'Yamadei' Robert and Jelena de Belder by 'Yamadei'

Robert and Jelena de Belder were the initiators of the current Arboretum Kalmthout. Their legendary and contagious enthusiasm made garden lovers look differently at gardens and plants and prompted hundreds of people to take up gardening.

Many students from around the globe have taken advantage of this inexhaustible source of information and have trained themselves in practical gardening while increasing their theoretical knowledge about plants.

Robert de Belder by the nursery bedsRobert de Belder by the nursery bedsDuring a period of at least six months the students are adopted as full members of the garden team. They help both in the daily maintenance of the arboretum garden and in the development of new initiatives. In addition, they help at the plant centre, in the seed harvest and with the collection management. 

Every student also has to develop an own, more theoretical garden or plant project outside working hours. Special student accommodation is available.

This fund is fully dependent on the donations of private persons, companies and authorities.

Your contribution

Jelena de Belder by young plantsJelena de Belder by young plantsYou can help by paying a contribution into the bank account whose number is given below. Any gift, whatever the amount, is very welcome.

Belgian gifts are tax deductible from 30 euros under the 1992 Income Tax Code (Art.104).

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